Jamia Haroonia Islamic Centre, Rochdale

6/6 Items Funded! Thanks for your support.

Haroonia Masjid have recently identified a few items they require in order to better serve the community of worshippers around them. Many of these will be used to fully equip them for their Islamic classes for children as they are currently struggling with resources.

What the money will be spent on:

Already Funded

  • CCTV Monitor 32 inch
  • 10 Qurans Full Size
  • 25 Benches for Children
  • 15 Chairs for the elderly
  • 12 x Folding Tables
  • 50 x Folding Chairs


Donating towards such a cause is a highly rewarding action and is a way for us to make sure we are supplying the future generation with the resources they need to learn about Islam and carry it with them in their lives.

Providing these children with Qurans (and the like) will In shaa Allah give each of you a hand in the reward they receive when they learn and recite the words of Allah throughout their lifetimes.

Prioritise To Where Most Needed

Personal Info

Donation Total: £25.00

CCTV Signed For
Chairs Signed For
Chairs Delivery
Receipt Chairs and Benches
Benches Delivered
Benches Delivered 2
Qurans Receipt and Signed For
Qurans Purchased
Qurans Delivered