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Jamia ayesha & madrasa zia ul uloom in Islamabad

Project Completed

Jamia Ayesha and Madrasa Zia ul Uloom, an Islamic educational and worship center in Islamabad, recently received crucial support from our organisation. Understanding the need to accommodate an increasing number of worshippers, we provided high-quality carpets essential for extending the prayer areas in this institution.

This contribution not only enhances the comfort and aesthetic of the prayer spaces but also reflects our commitment to supporting religious and educational facilities. By furnishing these revered spaces with new carpets, we have helped in creating a more welcoming and conducive environment for prayer and learning. We continue to seek support to further assist Jamia Ayesha and Madrasa Zia ul Uloom in their endeavors to serve the community.

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In houses [i.e., mosques] which Allah has ordered to be raised and that His name be mentioned therein…..   The Quran 24:36