Our mission

House in Paradise was born after we recognized the urgency within the local and wider community for adequate funding of Islamic Institutions.

As a non profit community interest company, we take our name and ethos from an well known saying of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH): ‘’Whoever builds a mosque for Allah, then Allah will build for him a house like it in Paradise.’’

At House in Paradise, we know how dearly many Muslims hold the concept of donating to Islamic Institutions and we want to make this a more accessible and impactful action for both those people and for the Institutions involved. We identified many Institutions where it was clear that they had been undergoing developments but funding had stalled and therefore the developments in question had been left outstanding with much of the work left unfinished and currently on hold. At the House in Paradise, we understand that charity and accountability go hand in hand. As well as ensuring a level of transparency, we are also dedicated to making a measurable difference. We have a 100% donation policy, all money donated will be used on the projects listed on out website. Our directors bear all admin costs including travel and marketing. All our staff and directors are volunteers and don’t receive any salary or reimbursement for expenses.

Transparency statement

House in Paradise is a registered non profit community interest company Reg No 12009127 that raises funds for the improvement and construction of mosques in the UK. The CIC operates on an ethical basis and ensures that all communication with the public is clear, accessible and honest. Every penny donated will be used exclusively for the purpose you have specified. Regular updates on the results of the donations will be sent to the donators and uploaded to this website, this will include invoices and pictures. Any personal information collected and held by the CIC will meet GDPR regulations. This means all information will be treated as confidential and will only ever be used in the processing of the funds when putting together an invoice. Every donator will receive a receipt to confirm their donation. Personal data may be held on a database for sometime to track the CIC’s funds and keep account of the money coming in and out of the account however, no party outside the charity will have access to the data. Your data will include your name, address, phone number, account details and perhaps other identification all of which will be strictly confidential and will only be used in the processing of invoices. Any personal information you supply can be withdrawn at any point if you wish. If you wish to speak to us regarding your data, the operation of the CIC or anything pertaining the company then please contact our customer service team.