Al Badar Mosque Rawalpindi in Pakistan

Al Badr mosque based in Rawalpindi which is in Pakistan is in need of 15,000 bricks so that it could complete the upper portion to meet the needs of local worshippers. The funded bricks will help worshippers as it will allow them enough space for people to attend the mosque. The environment will be a much safer and comfortable environment especially for the elderly. During Ramadhan and Eid it is extremely difficult as the mosques tend to get overcrowded during occasions such as this. This upper extension will help to resolve any issues the mosque may face in accommodating people.

It is a blessed feeling when attending the mosque regularly to pray, donations towards building the house of Allah will give others the opportunity to feel the same experience within their community. Building the house of Allah you get immense reward. Investing in a cause such as this is a permanent investment in your aakhira. May almighty Allah accept our sadaqaah and may Allah provide us to give much much more.

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